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Other things that have helped to make solo clips popular include self-sucking , guys shooting onto their own faces, guys jerking off in cars , guys talking dirty or being very vocal, etc. If you want your solo videos to get noticed, try to think beyond the torso-only jerkoff clips.

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Upcoming Events. He looks great but there are not enough shots of his ass here!! I like a bottom with a fat ass and tiny weiner too. Makes me feel like he was built to take dick hehe: More ass pics. MarcoManuel, once again you talk out of your ass. Bodybuilding takes a lot of work and time and a lot of the guys, especially in Eastern Europe where the economy really sucks, would rather work as escorts than taking some menial job.

As the euro implodes I assure you we will see more and more of them. Apparently small dicked bodybuilders do pretty well, at least from the pictures of Tomas Mach with his clients all over the world: I love bodybuilder bottoms with small dicks but I actually think this is pretty sad. It must really be tough being an escort and having to suck off and get fucked by whomever happens to answer that hotel door.

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And come on, filming it and putting it online when you have a wife? No wonder he always seems so despondent in his FB posts. Tanek have an average cock. I saw some of his gay porn.

Its rare that you see him fully hard. In most of his porn,he have a hard time getting hard. So you barely see him hard. When he is hard,you can see that his cock is about 6 inch. This is average. But 6 inch is considered small for most people.


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He said that his cock is 7 inch,but he is obviously lying. Anybody who believe that he have a 7 inch cock is delusional. Gay porn stars are known to lie about the size of their cock. They often ad 1 or 2 inch to their real size. Even if Tanek is married,he is most likely bi. He is a east european man after all.

So its not surprising. Unlike americans,east european men dont give a fu? They will have sex with who they wants without labels problems.

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In east europe,men are very open minded. Why do you think most east european gay porn stars says that they are bi? Its very rare that east european gay porn stars says that they are gay. If we believe what east european gay porn stars says. All east european men are bi. At least east european gay porn stars. I'm practically a pornstar Sex, When?: A dark back alley, A movie theatre, My bed Nightlife: Add your comment Bold Italic Underline. MisterSteve2 4 years ago Pinned. Escort con grosse tette scopata in hotel 1. Escort alla prima esperienza si fa inculare dal cliente nel suo studio K views.

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