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And I think he's in corrections as is wifey. R75, R78, that was a joke, right. He looks like the kind of guy who when he walks by, you make sure all the neighborhood kids are inside. They're positing pictures of themselves now. FUGLY, next contestant. There was a bubble butt bottom that "starred" in Bronx Tales that was incredible to watch, but I can't find the movie on the internet anywhere nor his name. Anyone got it? Now THAT was a butt! Not sure how "obscure" he was, but Kyle McKenna was a favorite Very hot. R88 OMG yea right He was so popular especially after his porno the Pizza Boys He delivers came out in the mid 80's o yea Tony Stefano: He was a great bartender fun to flirt with Always found him hot and he that great cock!

Is he still alive? I used to go to Uncle Charlie's in the Village in the mid 80s. And he fucked some of your friends? Lucky guys! So was he as hot in the bed off camera as he was on camera? R93, Kyle is one of the worst examples of what self loathing homophobia can do to you. He committed suicide and his family refused the body because of his sexuality. He's been married twice, but no kids as far as I know. Identifies as straight but open-minded. Had to be pretty damn open to do all the things he did in the gay videos. Spent a short time in state prison, for charges that were not quite clear to me.

During that time he and I were pen pals, on a weekly basis, and in those letters he revealed to me his past doing porn. Of course I had to go out and rent those! I'm not sure exactly what he does now, but he lists himself as an "investor. Vladimir Correa - I was obsessed because my best straight pussy hound friend at the time could have been his doppleganger.

Bo summers gay escort

I really wondered if the two were the same guy. He did a ton of videos. And in any thread about favorite 80s gay porn, he is always at the top of the list. Along the same lines, Vladimir at R was also in a ton of movies, gay, bi, straight, you name it. I jacked off Karl Thomas at a gay bar in Columbus Ohio where he was stripping once. His dick was really thick.

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I wonder what ever happened to him after the accident. Ralph Hudson at Colt. He did one solo called "Sun Stroked" also released within their "Minute Man" series , and one action scene in the Gruff Stuff series, which has been put in another compilation. That's it as far as I know. But he was so hot.

Obscure Porn Stars From The Past You Enjoyed Watching

Bill Harrison and John Traynor. I spent so many quarters watching them in a Falcon loop, "On Black Velvet. Great call on Martin Valko. He had a great bod and was hot to watch. I know his career ended after getting into a serious auto wreck, but given how popular he was, it's surprising that we don't know what happened to him, what his real name is, what he looks like today, etc.

It's incredible that the same can be said for Pavel Novotny. For all his HUGE popularity, it's impossible to find anything recent about him. Rick Donovan either, R They were both quite famous with iconic cocks.

Anyway, R, Canali's cock was not iconic. Rick Donovan's was. Jeff Stryker's was. Dick Fisk's was. But not Canali's. But for the people who have not heard of Canali, R??? Canali was in all of them. He was also featured in most of the gay skin mags published during the 80s Honcho, Inches, Mandate, Torso, Jock, Stallion.. I'd say he was fairly well-known, and as I recall, regarded as a pretty good performer when it came to both screen presence and stamina.

And as for his cock, Falcon says it's 11, but elsewhere it's said to be 9. It must have been impressive or at least memorable enough to some, because Canali happens to own one of the cocks featured in the photographic collection called "The Big Penis Book" published back in , said to include " historic photos of spectacular male endowments" R, I recognize him, but I don't recognize the name Canali's could've been considered iconic because he was uncut, which was something you rarely saw in the days before the influx of European porn.

Canali wasn't my type, but I definitely remember him, and I really don't think he qualifies as "obscure", which basically means, "of little or no prominence, note, fame, or distinction. It's just a case of different strokes for different folks, literally. We're talking decades ago, but I saw Canali walking in Century City in very, very tight jeans. He was way smaller than I thought he would be and had I not known him from porn, wouldn't have looked twice.

Brad Mitchell always reminded me a bit of Kyle Chandler, who was starring in the TV show Homefront around the same time early 90s. Karl Thomas! I must have unleashed a bucket of cum over him in the 80's. Smoking hot. Also Ron Pierson in some hot tub scene. It's weird how some of them manage to just vanish, you'd think someone would know something about the older guys. Junior Stellano! He really did just disappear, didn't he? I don't know if he would count as obscure, he was in a lot of stuff. Beautiful hot fucker!!!

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Tony Davis always seemed to enjoy himself as well as Jack Lofton but those are a couple that seem to have just vanished without a trace. R "porn star" is a career with a definite shelf life, usually not more than a few years, if that. For the most part I think guys just move on with a real life under their actual name, and are all too happy to fade from the porn scene. You could always tell that Wil Clarke was enjoying himself immensely.

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He's the kind of hot guy you'd love to live next-door to. Still do today but don't know whatever became of them.

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So many died recently - Gino Colbert's death last year was like the death knell for that whole generation of men. I remembered reading an article about him and it said that his first porn movie was shot the day he was released from prison. I recall reading on the old Aktol site that Ricky really wanted complete anonymity, to the extent that Ricky met and talked to a guy at some New Jersey Gay Community Center dance party eeww!

Anyway he was really interested in the guy, and while they were dancing, the guy recognized him and said "Hey aren't you Ricky Turner! I guess he would be about my age now I'm 51 and I would love to meet him again.

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If he is still alive is the big question, he did a few scenes including one in which he bottomed bareback wearing a tuxedo on a dining room table. Some of them go on to live normal, straight lifestyles with a wife Phil Bradley, from what I hear. I remember Ricky, r Turner and Wiles broke a car window so Stryker makes them pay. It was hot! R Hmm, lets see. I assume you mean ones from the 70s and 80s? I was reading this thread and Eric Manchester was mentioned, so I went off to search the web to see what happened to him. I didn't find anything. But I did learn that Wilfried Knight committed suicide almost three years ago.

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