Gay dating nightmares

What we know is that last month a gay man used a dating app to arrange for another to visit him in Bayswater, London, and that instead of sex taking place, the first visitor left quickly as a second appeared at the door brandishing what is believed to be a cattle prod. It is a nightmare realised for many who use such apps — in particular gay men, proportionately the biggest users. It feeds into old fears — the unknown, the alien — about the new age of dating. It begs for hysterical headlines and trembling columns about the sinister possibilities lurking in our smartphones.

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What is striking, however, is how rare such occurrences are. But most are no different to any dating trauma: Someone wetting themselves. I did not think this was fine. No, iPhone stranger danger is not what we must fear — our partner or ex is many, many times more likely to beat or murder us than a random hookup. Instead, the dangers of dating apps are less obvious, more insidious, especially for gay people restricted in our dating opportunities. We compete at the mercy of the marketplace.

It Flowed Like Lava

Amorality rules, vacuity wins, and winning is all. It is a bargain basement plunge, pandering to basic instincts. We become body parts, framed, screened — a Damien Hirst minus the formaldehyde.

We are torso, or face, or bicep, or bottom. Choose me, order me, I can be at yours in seconds. Only 20 metres away! Sep 18, 4: LOTS of issues. I swear to you I'm not looking for these people, I meet them through friends and such, but here's a sample of what i've been recently subjected too in the dating scene None do I want to see ever again. Seriously, and I know this question gets asked a lot I feel like such a fucking cliche.

Sep 18, 7: The breeders have there share of kookoo people too.

Good luck. Just a regular boyfriend, one that doesn't go nuts on me! It doesn't exist. Sep 18, 8: Laurence Posts: From my experience of life. Everyone out there is weird - and it's just about finding people partners and friends who are weird in the same way as yourself. Sep 18, 1: I have gone through the same thing. I decided not to date for a while. Maybe the crazies will partner up by the time I'm ready to get out there again. Most recently, I had a guy on the first date: He suggested I go to his place for date number two.

Are you freaking kidding me with this shit? Oh well, makes for good stories. I've only ever dated nice normal people. Well except for that one who was molested when he was 8 and never got over it. And that other one that was a pure catholic and felt the need to repent all the time. Oh and that other one that knew he was gay but just thought of it as a period before he'd pick out a woman, get married, have kids and all that. Then there was the one that said 'I love you' on the first date after a club hook up and then went all Glenn Close.

Errr you'd better get back to me. Sep 18, 2: McCain the second coming of Christ We've ALL had our share of "socially inept" people. Normalcy is something no one can attain as it doesn't exist. For the South, the way they talk and believe in God is normal. For San Franciscans, wearing shorts with flip-flops when it's 65 degrees outside is normal.

You have to put everything into perspective and realize that this is life. Dealing with what it gives you makes it all that much more adventurous.

6 Gruesome Tales of Gay Hook-Ups Gone Wrong

Picking through the crazies will only make you stronger so that when you do find someone you're compatible with, the little flaws you may see in him won't seem so bad in the grand scheme of things. Did you meet them through straight friends? Straight females have a tendency to think that two homos are a perfect match by virtue of being gay. My only horrible dates have been from the internet. My last one was more than a year ago. He was attractive and we were conversing quite well. I soon discovered that he was married with kids and had lied about his age.

Yes, dating apps can be bad for gay men – but not in the way you might think

He was still younger than me so I didn't care too much about the age. He wanted to know if I was out. When I said I wasn't in the closet it didn't seem to be the right answer. I then heard him making plans on the phone. I'm eating these tacos as fast as possible to get away from this guy, because he's just UGH. It's pretty obvious I'm not into this. We walked back to my car and he invited me to come up to his apartment. I of course said no. So he pinned me up against the car in what I'm sure he thought was a very Rico Suave move, and tried to kiss me.

Through his basketball shorts, it's very obvious he has an erection. And it's It's happening.

Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men You Never Want to Meet — Part II

So as he's trying to kiss me, his body shudders, and I feel something that ends up on my leg. He's still trying to kiss me, and so I just start laughing into his mouth.

The Boy Who Could Never Get Enough

Because I had no other option. This is the weirdest, most uncomfortable moment of my life. I kept laughing as he got off of me, and he was like, "You wanna keep hanging out? Don't ever call me. Lose my number. I'm never talking to you again. This was the worst. Thank you. Three months later, he ended up texting me for a booty call? I hope he reads this, because he made me really uncomfortable and I'd love to return the favor. Like every other single female in LA, peer pressure got the best of me and I decided to see what Tinder was all about.

After swiping around for two days, I matched with a guy named Ryan. He was nice, decent looking, but I wasn't super interested. We exchanged small talk and numbers, but nothing ever really came of it. Four months later, I was at a house party where I met a different guy named Ryan. We hit it off, and later that week I decided to text him. We decided to get dinner and planned for me to pick him up from his office after work and hit a restaurant around the corner. Date night came around, I promptly arrived at his office at 6: When he opened the door to get in, I had absolutely NO idea who the kid is.

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Maybe he shaved? I think, Maybe he sent out one of his work buddies out as a joke? Maybe I've lost my mind? Every possible scenario is running through my head as to how a complete stranger got into my car and was talking to me like he knew who I was, not fazed at all. Trying not to tip him off to my sheer panic, I decided to start asking questions that the Ryan I'd met at the house party would know. This only confirmed that I was on a date with the wrong dude.