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He mostly focuses on his singing and acting work during interviews. As of this writing, Smollett is not married, but he is dating someone.

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Smollett has remained tight-lipped about the identity of his significant other. However, fans have made some speculations.

Has Jussie Smollett dated women?

Back in , it was rumored the Empire star was dating businessman Tawan Davis. The entertainment website Inside Jamari Fox got a tip that Smollett either was or still is in a relationship with Davis. Smollett was also rumored to be dating his former onscreen boyfriend Rafael de la Fuente. He played the character Michael Sanchez on Empire from to In , Smollett was rumored to be dating former football player Michael Sam. But I have a home and that is my responsibility to protect that home. Theirs was a situation of pure convenience and pretty dull at that, until Jamal's suspected baby with Olivia interrupted their flow and Ryan peace'd out instead of wanting to play papa.

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Which is fine: Ryan was way too serious for the upbeat Jamal. On to the next.

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Warren Hall, the Mole Not only a bad choice, but also dangerous. Now, Warren is undeniably fine, but he's also inherently problematic. Because this is Empire , we know how this is going to play out: But guess what Jamal? It doesn't matter. Feelings aren't facts, and the fact is, he's been sent to do a job, which is to seduce and con you.

However it plays out, it's going to take a while: Carter has been promoted to season regular, so it's going to drag out. Do better Jamal! That said, he sure does fill out a pair of pants, so nobody can blame you for getting caught up. D-Major, the Champion F--boy Closeted music producer Derek "D-Major" Tobias Truvillion was kind of a scumbag, at least initially; he, like most of Jamal's questionable romantic choices, was a total opportunist, slithering his way into Jamal's life through work when he served as the American Sound Awards' musical director.

D-Major is Empire 's way of commenting on the whole "DL brother" cultural phenomenon, and it's totally appropriate to have mixed feelings about that. On the other hand, that is a thing that actually happens in real life and specifically in the hip-hop world. But much less nuanced was the cartoonish way their fling started, which is squabbling over music and then, inexplicably turning into an aggressive makeout session that looked like giving CPR to someone standing up.

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Remember, this is the relationship that trigged Lucious to deliver the stunning line, "The day you die from AIDS, I'm going to celebrate," to his son, causing Jamal to understandably cling to D-Major, as a protest. Over time, D-Major Derek proved to have genuine feelings for Jamal — possibly even saving his life when Jamal almost overdosed — but he's ultimately hard to trust. The "chemistry" wink was fire though and GURL, who doesn't have an ex whose Michael Sanchez, the Day One A.

Michael Rafael de la Fuente , Jamal's live-in boyfriend from Season 1, was sensitive, supportive and sexy: Granted, Jamal caught him getting a beej from another guy which happened while he and Jamal were fighting and anyway, rock stars don't tend to go for middle-class heteronormative monogamy but other than that, Michael seemed promising. Even Cookie liked him! Sadly, their relationship got complicated once Jamal's career took flight, prompting Michael to look for something a little more stable.

He's reoccured since, and although nothing has stuck, he remains a good choice for Jamal. Philip, the Rock Qualifications: Stable, with good intentions? Check and check.

Jussie Smollett

Philip Juan Antonio , who ran a PTSD support group, helped Jamal through a rough patch and held his hand as well as other parts on the journey to healing. Yes, a therapist hooking up with a patient is completely inappropriate. But Philip is sturdy in a way none of Jamal's other loves have been and the military vet won't hesitate to defend Jamal, like he did when he popped D-Major in the face for making a crude crack that Philip couldn't "give it" like he could.

Philip has been ghost for a minute but of all the jump-offs that've stayed on team Jamal, he's the best and biggest total package and the best chance at giving Mr. Lyon the love he deserves. Fall TV , Fox. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

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