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Honestly, I had no idea that Billy was gay. It never really came up I guess. Plus he never gave me an indication to think he was gay either. Top 10 reasons straight guys have sex with gay men. As we drove from the gym in his black pickup truck, I remember him telling me that he thought my arm tattoo was cool and how he was thinking of getting something for himself.

It seemed like we were at that restaurant for hours — to the point that I had to call my wife and let her know I was going to be late getting back home because I was hanging with my gym buddy. He told me that was born in St. Pete and was a mechanic for an airline. I shared with some things to — about my wife and two boys. Plus there was football. At some point, I remember him telling me that he had broken up with someone about six months earlier.

As I listened carefully, it became clear to me that his ex was a guy that he met at AA. Looking back, I can remember feeling a bit shocked that Billy was gay.

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Like I said, he just never game me that impression — ever. And he never once made me feel like he was looking for something.

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Later that night when I got home and went to bed, my wife and I made love. I can remember kissing her and thinking of him when my eyes were closed. My wife must have figured out something was off because she asked if I was OK. It should have been an easy mission. Just going in, getting rid of the bad stuff and be out of there in no time. Nothing complicated, right? Forbidden Love. Teenage boy falls in love with his best friend boy and his family responds in a negative light to this. A story about a school club that holds unique members and a intriguing story with our protagonist Mike! Hope you enjoy!

Follow this high school student through their day at school and learn about some of their personal struggles along the way. My Special Someone. An overwhelmed celebrity ponders the answer to a question he is asked about love. Soul-bound Longing. A very short story that I wrote at 4: It's about someone I love and how much I miss them. Pleasures in the Night. A gay male paranormal erotic romance parody where the main character is almost self aware, but not quite. Oz Trich leads a troubling life as both an oracle for the goddess Felicia and as a paranormal crimes detective.

You'd think being an oracle would help solve crimes, but the only… Read More. Andrew is abducted from his place of work by a cruel and vicious man, however, after eleven months trapped under his mastery, Andrew finds himself in an accidental mutual happiness with his captor.

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Boosted Content from Other Authors. They are polar opposites in many respects; both are intelligent but come from entirely dissimilar environments and upbringings. This is a story of profound love discovered, subsequently lost then rediscovered years in the future.

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Memoir of a Love lost. The Meaning of Life: In Search of Happiness. Denial - The Sin of Vanity. Welcome New Writers. Sign in. Forgot password? Or if you don't have an account yet Join. Sign in with Facebook.

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Love Spans the Rainbow

We can help. Use letters, numbers, apostrophes, periods, and hyphens. Campsite Shower Room. Todd was touring Europe with his best mate, Ryan. They had both decided, the previous year, to take a few months off work and go out and see some of the world. The tent was set up in its own secluded spot by a lake and the campsite was clean and cheap, so they could allow themselves the luxury of having a settled base for a while.

The previous evening they had stayed at their tent, drinking inexpensive wine and talking over school days, what their colleagues would be doing back in the office and previous sexual conquests.

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Talking about the kind of things they liked to get up to had made both of them horny, but the wine had made them incapable of doing anything about it. Not that they would have done. They were just mates and had no intention of sleeping together.